Remembering Reverend Father Frigidian Shenoy Aranha on Christmas Day

May Love, Joy, Peace and Goodwill be your Gift at Christmas. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Remembering Reverend Father Frigidian Shenoy Aranha on Christmas Day.

Reverend Father Frigidian Shenoy Aranha passed away in Bangalore, India on August 11, 2012. He was 84 years. Father Shenoy was a missionary in Imphal, Manipur for almost 15 years. He started PTC for catechist and started Media Center in Mantri Pukhri for diocesan. His last mission in Manipur is his St. Xavier’s school in Moirang. He has inspired many students in Manipur reaching/helping out to many poor and needy peoples in the villages of Manipur. He left Manipur due to his eye sight as the Doctor recommended him to stay in Bangalore for medical attention. He went almost blind due to glaucoma. During his stay at Bangalore he continued helping and inspiring students from Manipur. We love you Father and we wil miss you forever. We thank you for all your kindness, inspiration and love given to each of us and made a huge difference in our lives. Rest in Peace.
Father Shenoy was my Guardian while I was studying in Bangalore, helped me in many many ways. I would run to him for anything. His advice, inspiration, love and help made a lot of difference in my life in shaping who I am. Thank you Father, I will miss you forever.
We miss you this Christmas.


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