Happy Diwali, sharing a picture of Lights/Lamps used in Manipur

Happy Diwali, These are the lights I grew up with as a child, as a student in Manipur. I even had an incident where I dozed off studying with a candle light in bed burning almost half the pillow and mattress …

Times have changed but we still have the need to use these lights even now …

Lighting Candles all around, everywhere in the house, lighting these lamps and then going to Kwakeithel Bazaar to watch the lights were memoirs of Diwali growing up in Imphal. All the shops in Kwakeithel were nicely lighted up with candles. No !! You wouldn’t see any electrical lights, mostly candle lights. We would play with fire crackers, rockets were our favorite.

Times have changed .. people are afraid to step out of the house for fear of bomb blast … fear of whether someone who has gone grocery shopping will come back or not ..not knowing what to predict, a person who is just walking the street falls dead due to these bomb blast !!!


Photo Source: Google Search, Thanks !!

3 thoughts on “Happy Diwali, sharing a picture of Lights/Lamps used in Manipur

  1. Leaving aside the melancholy of life in Manipur, may this Diwali bring you and your family a prosperous and joyful life. May the light of the candles and the sound of the crackers bring the happiness,success and well being of you and your loved ones-Chey.

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