006 FindingTheVoices Interview with Junichi Kajioka, Leading actor of Manipuri movie My Japanese Niece

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Enjoy the interview with Junichi Kajioka, japanese Actor based in London. He has acted in many films, television, commercials, Voice over and even in video games, playing very interesting roles of Japanese Sergeant, Japanese Sniper, newspaper reporter etc. Most recently he acted in the movie 47 Ronin with hollywood movie star Keanu Reeves. And He is going to be the lead actor for the upcoming movie “My Japanese Niece” which is planned to be released in English, Japanese and Manipuri.

Junichi Kajioka shares very interesting work experience and the difference of work culture having worked internationally in Japan, China, London and also for a Hollywood movie. He also shares his aspirations to be a part of Bollywood movies with song and dance sequence. He is preparing and doing a lot of research to play the lead role for “My Japanese Niece” and is looking forward to go to Manipur for the shooting of the movie and plan to see the beautiful place and people of Manipur and try Manipuri food.

We welcome Junichi Kajioka to Manipur and wish him a very happy stay at Manipur and success for his role in “My Japanese Niece”.


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