Episode 029 FindingTheVoices Being a Mom, Special Mother’s Day Podcast with Manjoo Sharma Lalwani from Australia

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Thanks to Manjoo Sharma Lalwani for sharing her journey of “Being a Mom” for our special Mother’s Day podcast series.

Manjoo is a mother of 2 boys, working full time. She shares her journey on being a mom coming all the way from Manipur to Australia.

Balancing work & home is all in the mind ? Should we be friends with the kids ? Should we give in to tantrums ? What do you do to deal with tantrums ? Should the reward to kids be materialistic ? How difficult is it to manage with single income nowadays ? What is the role of support for Husband ? Trust & faith & not spying is the key raising teenagers ? Values versus Material gifts ? Keeping up with technologies

Listen to the podcast to hear the interesting and fun way of raising kids and experience of Manjoo’s journey of being a Mom.Personally for me, It was a great learning experience talking with Manjoo. I got so many tips and things to do. Most importantly Mom needs to take care of yourself and have your own time 🙂