S02E12 FindingTheVoices: Mangka Mayanglambam sharing her journey as a Manipuri Folk singer.

S02E12  FindingTheVoices: Mangka Mayanglambam sharing her journey as a Manipuri Folk singer.

Guest Speaker: Mangka Mayanglambam, Manipuri Folk, Traditional, Classical and Contemporary song performer.

Interview Location: Imphal, Manipur, India.

Language: Podcast in English.

Mangka Mayanglambam is the daughter of Mayanglambam Mangangsana and Maibam Rebika. She is a young and beautiful Manipuri Folk, Traditional, Classical and Contemporary song performer. She is such a beautiful artist, a gift to us, a gift to the land of Manipur filled with conflicts giving us hope, bringing smiles with her voice, with her performances, in reviving and inspiring many young and old, and re introducing the Manipuri folk songs to us, to the world.

We have seen, heard and admired many, many beautiful Manipuri folk song performances from our very own Mangka Mayanglambam, playing it back to back. And now we are proud to present her interview where she shares details about her journey as a Manipuri folk singer. I really enjoyed listening to her story and thoughts, that too coming from a teenager. Watch to find out How Mangka got into the world of Manipuri folk singer, what she enjoys, her dreams and aspirations. Find out what she likes to do for fun.

It’s interesting to note her thoughts and experience of an artist in Manipur and outside of Manipur. Her thoughts and story left me with the questions like “Do we give the due respect for an artist in Manipur ? What are the challenges faced by an artist ?”

Wishing her success in showing the world about Manipuri folk songs, we look forward for her upcoming performances and we know we will definitely have her again and again in our show in future.

Here is my favorite Mangka’s folk song performance at the opening of International polo at Manipur Polo Ground 2014, a song I have heard back to back many times.

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