S03E18 FindingTheVoices with Peraly Meyer: A journey of saying NO to corruption in Manipur to being a surgical assistant in Denton Regional Medical Centre, Texas, USA.
Guest Speaker : Peraly Meyer, surgical assistant in Denton Regional Medical Centre, Texas, USA
Language: Interview in English
Location: Video interview with Guest Speaker joining in from Texas, USA.

Peraly Meyer was born in Komla Thabi village of Chandel district, Manipur. She grew up in a destitute family where she had to take turns with her siblings to get formal education. Even though she started in such conditions, Peraly never gave up her education and kept focusing on building herself an honorary career. She is now working as a surgical assistant in Denton Regional Medical Centre, Texas, USA. Since the age of 12, Peraly was always passionate about helping the sick and she was always eager to help whenever her family and relatives got sick and admitted to hospitals.
Because of the open corruption that is prevalent in Manipur, Peraly opted out of paying bribe to get herself a job. She shares about her journey of how she began working towards her career, moving from one place to the other and gaining experience. She worked in various hospitals and soon discovered what she loved. She also gained a lot of experience working at AIIMS, Delhi. From her colleagues at AIIMS, she got to know about the opportunities about applying for jobs abroad.
Peraly also shares about her experience working in the hospitals and the challenges she faces at work. She shares about how she faces the jibes she sometimes receives from either the patients or the relatives and how she handles them by being gentle and calm.

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