095 It’s all in the mind : Students of Manipur

Students of Manipur

In the land of Manipur,
You will find many young teenager students put in the forefront to protest issues,
Elsewhere in other part of the world you will find students in a classroom,
In a nurturing ambience,
Instilling values and providing continous education,
It’s time to ask yourself where is the place of the students?

Institutions not allowing the students to participate in the protests are threatened,
Institutions keeping the students in the classroom are bullied,
The Institutions committed to provide education to students,
But you would find many applicants for admission,
Creating another protest demanding to get admissions,
It’s time to ask yourself why you seek for admission from such institutions ?

Mothers toil in the hot sun,
Selling vegetables in the market,
Fathers contented with only one good shirt for work,
Saving all their earnings, selling off their land,
To send the children out of Manipur, in the hope to get continous education and a job with their own merit,
It’s time to ask yourself why many are going out seeking for education ?

The students in Manipur are facing the forefront of the Protest,
Loosing the precious life hit by rubber bullets,
Thrashed by the lawmaker of the land leaving a big scar in their psyche,
The students seeking education outside of Manipur in India,
Are facing the taunt of Identity and acceptance gulping down the many “ching chong” comments,
It’s time to ask yourself where is the place for the students of Manipur ?

~The End~

An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam.

Author’s Note : Students in Manipur are often caught in the midst of the conflict, facing what they shouldn’t be facing and having to go lengths to get an education, the education every child deserves. I wrote this poem after I read that a student died during the ongoing agitation and protests. I was filled with pain and helplessness to see the condition of students of Manipur and what they have to go through. I beleive in the power of education and wished for the peaceful ambience of institutions for the students of Manipur.

We should protest and speak up for the things we beleive in. Findingthevoices is my way of protesting. I also beleive in the freedom to choose what I protest for, and protesting in a non voilent way.


113 thoughts on “095 It’s all in the mind : Students of Manipur

  1. why student join such agitation is not a new thing here.Other countries mentality of the politicians are very good from root. Here, you can see such people are very corrupted. This is last stage of an agitation where student join it. Even your house has brunt out student never ignore it.

  2. Our rulers r f**kin deaf.. They use the law in rong ways so people dont believ ’em.. U kno there is no law n rule in manipur.. Here is living like without law even if law is here.. Laws r in the hand of authority.. Law is only for them.. No human value n human ryt in manipur…

  3. Vry tru….I dont knw y they r ready 2 tck part in suz issue leaving bhynd their valueabl tym of learning. Y diz so kol organizsun using studnts as their weapon n mess up the most importnt valueabl tym of the studnts n of course their academic carrier. So sad……

  4. Jst wanna to say dat wenevr any UGs disturb d schl or kept bomb outsde d gate of d schl den…Studnts orgn start ah beauriful slogan…ENvironmnt free zone…Lets nt disturb to d students…Dey r our pillars…Dey r d cmng generation to make n made new Manipur…Is dis oly ah name shake….Wat d stdnts Orgn. r doing…Dey oly use students den dnt hv ny othr options yyyyyyyy…Wen eva der is ah protest oly students r injured or deads…No ny studnts Orgns…members r injured s point of ma view…N fr Robinhood bro may ur soul RIP….N i knw dat ur blood wl nt go in vain…Last nt d least plz lets d students of Manipur frce dem to read oly read n write nt force dem to join in ny kind of protest….Any students hu lost life oly der parents suffers ah lots n in ah big TRAUMA….Srry guys its ma opinion…I hope u guys wl nt mind…

  5. ILP is the answer for illegal immigrants and Legalised Bangladeshis …
    there are better point you could point out regarding the struggle Or why you Manipuris are against influx just like others tribals in NE.

  6. Knowingly or unknowingly we all deed something bt we never had the idea where did it came from. So my dearest departed brother may thought that it is his duty to protect our people at that very unfortunate moment. So please stop saying that he was not aware of ilp, may our beloved brother rest in peace.

  7. Every revolution every change need sacrifice it my come from any part of society in my young age I have fight tooth and nail along side with my friends wearing school uniform knowing we might get hurt now I am not that young yet eager and ready stand against injustice. If we look for excuses then we will be living like animals not human. Instead of hiding and discouraging other come out face the reality its your motherland calling. You won’t be alone when police open fire you will see thousands kangleicha in front of you student,women,father,mother …. Coz we all love Manipur.

  8. Writing articles feel much easier than actual actions …. if you telling the truth then why you didn’t join agitation for ILP

  9. I wonder what’s the use of involving students..Although it is for a good causr.. We should be studying so that we could make Manipur a better place that everyone has always dreamed of but sadly.. It will only be a dream that some can dream of and words that comes out from our mouth without any weight. Two students are already dead in this stand-off .. But who’s lost is it? Their parents and themselves. Its not the lost of the government nor the The main agitators. But people will never try to understand this. Nor will our so called ” Govt. Of Manipur” with its hopeless Chief Minister and corrupted MLAs

  10. R not u manipuris???
    shame on u speaking against manipuri???

    You r sitting in room watching these all thinking entertainment…….
    Metopna langoi chnkhraga noidi mayang onGadwribra,nama leibakpu yonlaga noina kari tongjare???

  11. satra oigera oiroira,yaogera yaoroira, chap mannei satrana twribasisu meeyam gini…chahi khara gi matungda eikhoi mutkhiba yna leire mipum khudingmk angang oigera ahn oigera hanubi oigera loina saruk yfm thok e….tunggi khllaga kl hwse hy taragadi… eikhoidi asigumba achouba ehou meeyamgi khollao laodrimakhei nena tararoi afaba oiraroi pullp pendaba ningmdaba koklaga apamba sing fnglaga makoktagi hourasi….. Kangleipak ki damk meeyam gidamk….

  12. Students are taking to the streets in protest because they are fed up of this systems, you ‘grown ups’ are not doing anything concrete so we do what we know best with what we have, if you have a better idea I’m all ears…BTW this ilp affects every manipuri so it’s only natural that we students also take part in safeguarding our future.. Peace

  13. U r ryt finding da voices but u dont kno y r they using in many protest..?? There is a big thing behind this.. Find da reason urself first…

  14. Ho pathou thouna faba fabisa let’s forget about students that’s fine ….But where the hell are u guys Come out instead of pointing fingers at others this is just not for someone benefits it’s for entire manipur. So u well educated non ethical a$$holes if u can’t support or participate then don’t judge others here …. atleast somebody is doing something

  15. Exactly, and therein lies the problem…but this post itself is a beginning…you and I are made ‘more’ aware of the matter by Monica Ingudam’s sharing…it’s up to us now to repeat it until it’s heard (by those who are addressed)…

  16. si party se milan gi meitei mayek ki matangdasu critics ki phamphamlangda phamkhiba kangbudunine. now u got yr script, may be u realised how imp.that issue was. as a public figure u shouldnot loose yr emotion. please see how many comments are following u. please don’t underestimate them who r facing for the people including us all; as they r not fool and they have a reason, please realise yourself, we honour you very much. we expected a lot from you. even if you don’t like it, atleast please console yourself.

  17. kyam khang heiba mino student yaobgi saorisibo moidi meitei macha ntrbo english ka ym lolliko ereibak ereicha knnba satrda ntte hanubi hanuba phao yaophm thok e ko mym gyan treko

  18. http://www.topmastersineducation.com/student-protests/
    10 Bloodiest Student Protests in History
    1. Soweto Uprising, South Africa, 1976
    2. Tlatelolco Massacre, Mexico, 1968
    3. Tiananmen Square Protests, China, 1989
    4. Athens Polytechnic Uprising, Greece, 1973
    5. The Trisakti Shootings, Indonesia, 1998
    6. Iran Student Protests, 1999
    7. 2011-2012 Chilean Student Protests
    8. Student Strike of 1970, USA
    9. German Student Movement, 1968
    10. May 1968 Protests, France

  19. english heiba mayam leibaki ehou da ahei apa sabiganu mayamgi ehou yaoningdradi tumina adum leibiyu masak loina khangi nayum nayum da oina mayam onsalaga mei tharadi nungaini

  20. I am sure many of us have seen it all. Done it too. I do not not know what is right from wrong. It is all too subjective and the line is blurred. Whenever people from other places ask ‘why’ & ‘what’, I think hard to answer in a way they could relate. At the end, my friends ask me why I do not smile, why I look sad and blank and why I am so serious in life!

  21. Houjik tumina leithokpgi mtam natre Eribakchasi IMA leipak Manipur kalhourse Eikhoi amta oiduna Apunbna pangalni haibdo kaobirgnu mitkap thoklose eikhoi puna changsilse

  22. why we need ILP they don’t know because they r da servent of outsider,they have no eyes they r all blind they don’t need to protect our land because they r da servent of outsider,(the Policeman of Manipur)

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