Taking the special occasion of us celebrating 2 years of podcasting, I want to share the interview covered by ISTV Network Imphal, Manipur featuring FindingTheVoices during my visit in Manipur. It was a great honor to be interviewed by Tamo Kh. Bishwamittra, in the TV channel I watched growing up and follow regularly now getting the News update about Manipur.

As always I thank everyone for your support and participation in making our talk show possible.

Episode 1 : We spoke about me, my career path, experiences and story. We covered the challenges and choices I faced as a woman changing jobs, taking breaks to keep up the balancing role of career and being a mother. Also we spoke about keeping up with education, technology trend to keep up with the job market trend.

Episode 2 : We spoke about students, role model and talked about FindingTheVoices and I got an opportunity to thanks all the family of FindingTheVoices through ISTV, the TV channel in Manipur. Also I got to ask a question to the host, Tamo Kh. Bishwamittra which is a treat to watch for this show.

Thanks to everyone, to each and every team member of ISTV. This means a lot to me, to FindingTheVoices.

FindingTheVoices brings voices and story that Inspire, Empower, Educate & Entertain us from people all over the world. It is a talk show presented by Monica Ingudam with the vision to promote and spread positive, hopeful, inspiring & entertaining stories in the violence-torn landscape of Manipur.

This is your show to promote your talents & work, share your experiences and voice what you stand for, what you believe in, what you want people to know & talk about.



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  1. Anonymous

    exactly! “no publicity at all”. so not in the ‘race’. i jus came to know “findingthevoices” only after seeing this. but hu’s fault? u’ll say ‘u’.

  2. Anonymous

    I’m very impressed ..after watching this very special interview..thanks a lot for ur sharing..and I m very proud as manipuri..because of you..

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