In times of Conflict, No one can take our spirit away, Spread the love on Valentine’s Day 2014

Valentine‘s Day was associated more with romantic love, it’s celebrated now by all even small kids in preschool and kindergarten making cards for everyone in the class, for the teachers, for parents, friends and now it’s all about LOVE and your SPIRIT. Celebrating Valentine’s Day in the midst of all the conflict, discrimination and crimes faced by our people, it’s our way of saying “Even in time of Conflict, No one can take our spirit away”

Spread the love on Valentine’s Day 2014.

Inspired by Paradise Road, a strong movie showing the amazing strength and courage in woman surviving hardships and emerging as survivors. The group of women from different countries and social levels are prisoners in a Japanese POW camp,, organizes a vocal band in spite of their guards resistance and a way to bring a smile during those conflicting time. The power of music kept them together during such hard times of war and go through the conflicting phase.

Thanks everyone for contributing to this Album and participating in spreading the love.


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