Trailer 050 FindingTheVoices Robert Naorem Fashion Designer Stylist Makeup Artist sharing his growing up struggling phase of his life

Trailer Episode 050 FindingTheVoices : Robert Naorem, Fashion Designer, stylist, Makeup artist sharing his early struggling phase of his life

Here is a trailer of Robert’s upcoming podcast.

Coming up this Friday is Robert Naorem’s podcast , Here is a story told straight from the heart, honest and bold, sharing about his conflicting childhood, rejection even from parents growing up, his struggles…, his lowest time even thinking of suicide, his tears, and yet his strength in pursuing his dream and following it and getting him where he is now. Such an inspiring and empowering story. And his story will make us open our heart and to believe in yourself and pursue your dream, no matter what even if that meant hiding what you are doing even from your own parents …… You have to listen to the podcast for listen to his journey, a long, long journey before his success in the fashion world. Thank Robert for sharing your story, this will open many minds.
We started the podcast with English and continued with Meitei-lon.

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