Presenting the podcast of Sonia Nepram sharing about making of the Manipuri documentary movie Gun and a God. It is interesting to hear the aspects of making documentary movies in getting closer to the subject, living the life and story. I am proud to see woman director coming up making movies from woman’s point of view. Hats off to the wonderful team of “Gun and a God” in bringing out the voice and story of Purnima. This could have happened to anyone of us.

“Gun and a God” is an endeavor to explore a cosmos of conflict through the lives of women.

Purnima is having the best of her evenings with her inmates in a jail room. Yet her every laughs and giggles are concealing a grave conflict. The visiting hours in the jail are dreadful with no one to visit her. These are the times when she finds herself asking who she is.

Tagged as a “disgraced inheritance”, from an unknown father to a mentally unfit mother, her childhood was chastised. The reality of being an illegitimate child haunts during her teens and when she was married, it crucified her.

A “Gun and a God” is the journey a woman, whose will was forged by the structural violence of her existence, who finally finds her voice in a Gun and justice in a God.


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