HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Saroj Nalini Ingudam

FindingTheVoices Mother's Day 2013 Manoranjan

Mother: Saroj Nalini Ingudam, Retired Teacher, Imphal, Manipur.

Every mother is unique . On this day, I would like to appreciate my Ema for being the powerful person she is. When I was a child and growing up, I never realized the incredible personality she is. As I become more matured, I realize the qualities she possess and yearn to learn more from her. I yearn to become more patient , more courageous & calm in the face of difficult situations like her, humanity & connection is more powerful mode of communication than just language so often demonstrated when she visited me in Bangalore

…. Also I admire to strength with which she had brought up four of us, who are unique and different but brought up with equal love and care. I also admire the never give up and positive attitude even in adverse situations.

On this day I would like to thank & salute Ema and wish her a very good Mother’s Day.

Ingudam Manoranjan, IT Professional, Bangalore, India


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