HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Dr. Sharda Salam

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Mom’s Name & profession: Dr. Sharda Salam, District Family Welfare Officer (DFO), Bishnupur District

What do you appreciate in your MOM and want to say Thank you for?

Mom, on this Mother’s Day, we would like to appreciate and thank you for all the sacrifices you have made in your life just to make your children happy. Our dad passed away eleven years back but you were able to muster enough courage to give strength to the three of us (Ashok, Shilpa and Ashish). You hid your pain to help us grow personally and professionally. I still remember the day you told us,” I am here today because I know my children will make me and their dad proud someday.” And yes, with your support and blessings we have achieved our dreams today. If you weren’t there for us, my elder brother wouldn’t be getting an excellent position in IBM; I wouldn’t be working in one of the top U.S Healthcare organizations and my younger brother wouldn’t be studying medicine. All the credit goes to you because YOU DESERVE IT. You have given us everything what we have asked for. Now it is time for us to give you what you have asked for. Mom, you are the GREATEST of all.

Any moment you want to say sorry about?

We are sorry that we couldn’t be with you to celebrate the Mother’s Day. But, no matter how many miles we are away from you, you are always in our prayers. Here’s wishing you a very special Happy Mother’s Day to you. We wanted to let you know that our dad knows of your sacrifice and you are not alone. We are all with you. Love you so much.

Submitted by: Shilpa Phairembam, Master of Health Administration (MHA), University of Missouri-Columbia, USA


3 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Dr. Sharda Salam

  1. This is lovely, thanks Chan for sharing and appreciate Findingthevoices for taking up this thoughtful initiative 🙂

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