HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Sougaijam (o) Sandhyarani Devi

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Mom’s Name & profession: Sougaijam (o) Sandhyarani Devi/ Homemaker.

What do you appreciate in your MOM and want to say Thank you for ?

As i grow older, i realized that she lives her life for us only, her children, for our happiness, just like all the mothers in this world. Thank you for everything.

Any moment you want to say sorry about ?

She was a very strict Mom. I long to go back to those years where i was not able to understand her. Now i know why. Sorry, Mother, for giving you a few hard years while growing up.

Last time i was home, it was during Mother’s day and was fortunate to hug her close. This time I’m going to give her a virtual hug. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers !!

Submitted by: Dinnie Sougaijam Travel Professional, Bangalore City.