Trailer2 039 FindingTheVoices Dr Khundongbam Palin sharing sharing about Cosmetic Surgery trend in Manipur.

Sneak peek of upcoming podcast of Dr. Palin Khundongbam, Entrepreneur, MS MCh (Plastic Surgery) FICS, of Shija Hospitals sharing about Cosmetic Surgery trend in Manipur. Trailer1, we heard about his vision of creating “Manipur a Healthcare Hub of South East ASIA“.

At Shija Hospitals, Manipur the most popular procedures are Blepharoplasty (Creating Eyelid Folds or removing eyelid bags), Rhinoplasty (Nose Reshaping), Liposuction, Hair Transplantation. A large number of north-eastern people from outside Manipur are going to Imphal for such surgeries at the hospital. Dr. Palin shares that the rise in the number of cosmetic surgeries also indicates improved economy of the state.

Eyelid fold surgery in Manipur in the last three years is very popular with the influence of Hollywood and Bollywood and blend into more of the Indian Look. Listen to Dr. Palin’s view on “Shouldn’t we be proud of our Manipuri look ?” and at the end, It is all about Improving self esteem and the choice is ours.