S02E13 FindingTheVoices: Meeting the Photographers of Manipur Photography Club.

S02E13  FindingTheVoices:  Meeting the Photographers of Manipur Photography Club.

Guest Speakers : Photographers of Manipur Photography Club. 

Interview Location: Ema Keithel, Imphal, Manipur, India.

Language: Podcast in English & Manipuri/Meiteilon.

I had the opportunity to cover a Photo walk event organized by Manipur Photography Club at Ema Keithel in Imphal, Manipur and meet many of the photographers whose work we have featured. Manipur Photography Club inspired me to add the photography section of FindingTheVoices. Most of our photographs are sponsored by members of Manipur Photography club. We have received very good feedback and messages from many, on these photographs. These are pictures which shows the beauty of Manipur, educating us of places we haven’t seen, of people and many aspects of Manipur. These are pictures, pictures that talks to you and many a times requires no words for description.

Manipur Photography club has created a very positive international platform bringing together members from all over the world. We appreciate the work and events (Photo walks, competitions, support for social events) organized by MPC in encouraging participation from all members. It is encouraging to see the positivity created amongst the youth in Manipur in adopting photography as a hobby, learning and sharing from each other and also giving opportunity for covering photo events in many events for the professional members.

For many of us we start our day in the morning, looking at the beautiful uploads at Manipur Photography Club, looking forward for more everyday. We look forward for a continuous collaboration with FindingTheVoices.

This episode is very special episode as I got to meet in person many of the photographers and family of FindingTheVoices, and got to hear their story, comments, feedback about FindingTheVoices too. Thanks everyone for taking the time to share about Manipur Photography Club and FindingTheVoices. Watch this episode to learn how MPC was formed, voices of MPC members.

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This is your show to promote your talents & work, share your experiences and voice what you stand for, what you believe in, what you want people to know & talk about.




Photographing the photographer

Dedicating this album to photographers who have shared pictures with findingthevoices and the community of photographers capturing and sharing views through their beautiful capture.

Special thanks to the collaboration with Manipur Photography Club members who actively participate in contributing to picture theme and helping in showing the world pictures of Manipur.

Pass along and share pictures of photographing the photographer as our small way of saying “Thank you”.


Glimpse of life in Manipur

Pictures showing and Glimpse of Life in Manipur. Thanks to all members of FindingTheVoices for contributing your best capture of Life in Manipur.