S03E16 FindingTheVoices with Dr. Nabakanta Sharma: Mostly females are undergoing the family planning procedure. Why not male?
Guest Speaker :Dr. Nabakanta Sharma, specialist in family planning.
Language: Interview in English
Location: Imphal, Manipur, India

 Dr. Nabakanta Sharma says that with regards to family planning, it is not necessary that only females should undergo the operation. Males can also contribute in family planning by undergoing the sterilization process. But even though male sterilization is much simpler than that in female, mostly females are still undergoing the more complex operation for family planning in Manipur.

In this episode, Dr. Nabakanta Sharma shares about his trip to Europe organized by World Health Organization in the 90’s where he presented some facts and figures about Manipur for the Reproductive Child Health program. He shares about how some staff members of the team came to Manipur and offered him help. He also talks about the wonderful paintings of Europe and how advanced they were in the medical field. He got the opportunity to gain invaluable experience during his time in Europe.

We also get to know about the system of adoption that is prevailing in Manipur. He says that even though there is a system provided by the Government to be followed for adoption, not many people follow this system and instead prefer to finish up the adoption process in a hush. This routine can sometimes turn out to be very unfortunate for some babies, but he says that so far he has been lucky as nothing of such sort has happened in his profession.

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