S03E09 FindingTheVoices with Devakishor Soraisam sharing about providing sustainable energy solutions in Manipur.
Guest Speaker : Devakishor Soraisam, founder of Mangaal Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Language: Interview in English

Location: Imphal, Manipur, India

Mangaal Sustainable Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a social enterprise that works on solving the energy crisis in Manipur, especially in the rural areas where the electricity condition is much worse. Devakishor Soraisam, who is the founder of the enterprise shares about how he came back to Manipur to start up his company. The main thing that sets this company apart from the rest is the idea of a customized design solution based on actual needs. So even if someone has no idea about solar or how much power is actually needed, the Mangaal team will analyze and design the optimal machinery. Apart from this, Devakishor Soraisam has also started associating with banks in the state to provide loans for buying the solar power systems.

Since getting legally established in January, 2016, Mangaal has so far catered to the needs of 400-500 houses. That is an impressive number taking into account the condition of private sector in Manipur. However, Devakishor Soraisam states that the company has not been able to grow as much as they can because of the lack of skill and experienced personnel in certain areas and also because of the lack of faith in the private sector by the masses. Another hindrance is the problem of bandhs and curfews in Manipur. Devakishor Soraisam feels the need to work more number of hours and catch up in order to bring the private sector of Manipur at par with the other states of India.

He shared the challenges and tweak in changing the work culture to fit into the unique situation in Manipur with frequent Bandh and balancing to attend invitation to rituals which falls on a working day.

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S03E09 FindingTheVoices with Devakishor Soraisam: Providing sustainable energy solutions in Manipur.

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