Music of the world 005: “Who am I?” Joel Ansett

Joel Ansett  , singer and songwriter based in Denver wrote that the songs in his debut album “The NATURE OF US” are all about identity — “Who am I?” and that intrigued me to click through his songs. Don’t we all, at some point in our life search for identity and ask “Who am I?”

Joel Ansett ‘s song “She Walks in Beauty” is a tribute to his mother who has bravely battled breast cancer twice and his lyrics expressed the journey of pain but with strength so well “Oh an army rushes in to tear her flesh, to rob her strength and song, To dull her cheeks and take her hair, but she who walks in beauty walks on

Going through his song, I was caught by his song “Already in Love” a song I can listen back to back and definitely adding in my playlist. Love the lyrics and the calmness.

What is not to love with a lyrics like this, makes one reflect on Love, unconditional love where one is accepted as is, in a world where you have to fight and stand for who you are, to retain your identity.

Even if you change I’ll still be loving on you

I’m in love with who you will be too

Even if there’s a past that you’re too afraid to show

Or a little something secret you don’t want me to know

Take your fears, take your shame, and all your scars

Watch them fade away inside the comfort of your home in my heart

So no matter what you’ve done

And no matter what you do

Feel the healing of a love that’s never leaving you

I’m already in love, with you

Already made you mine,

Never gonna leave your side

I’m already in love, with you.

I love his collection of songs, calm and soothing and would love to watch his live performance. Here is a link of my favorite song “Already in Love” in his album “The NATURE OF US”.

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