005 Matters of the heart : A long-awaited dream

“Matters of the heart”, a  #Valentine ‘s Day special, Contributed by : Ronald Meitei   

I am writing this poem by remembering my childhood dream that comes true recently, I dedicated this poem to my wife for our first Valentine day after marriage.

A long-awaited dream

A long-awaited dream

From a Prince to a soldier,

Playing my boyhood with dreams

A Cinderella at woods,

Among the flowers & butterflies

To the mountain & valleys.


Once a dream for riding at moonlight

For a smile at Midnight,

Today we just wait the moon to rise

At our balcony holding hands with never-ending smiles,

Still whispering with midnight breeze

Till the moon beyond the blue mountain.


Time & tides just away

But her smile always alive,

In my heart with blooming spring

Enjoying above the rainbows,

And I love her wet hair

Glittering at evening rays after light shower.


Its story last forever

And our romance at Livingstone,

From first eye to first kiss

On the way to heaven for marriage,

And she enjoy in my arm

And I promise for miles and smiles forever.

~The End ~

Share with us your story/poems of your happy heart, broken heart. Enter your short nonfiction essay/poem in English. Must be a true short story. “Matters of the heart” #Valentine ‘s Day special

You can choose to remain anonymous if you want. Please call it out in the email. Submit as text via e-mail with Subject as “Matters of the heart” :” Your Name/Anonymous ” at FindingTheVoices@gmail.com

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