HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Laitonjam Leibaklotpi Devi

Mom’s Name & profession: Laitonjam (o) Leibaklotpi Devi, Cashier at Manipur Rural Bank, Imphal

What do you appreciate in your MOM and want to say Thank you for?

I just want to thank her for being there for me. She doubts if she’s a good mother coz at times she finds it hard to have family time coz of her work but as I grew up I know how much she has inspired me to strive for the best. Thank you for molding me into the woman I am today, for being such a powerful and empowered woman, for being an inspiration.

Any moment you want to say sorry about?

Well, it is indeed a blessing to know that there’s always this one person who bears no grudge and always hold on to me inspite of all the awful things I said. Being this impatient person that I am, I often lose patience and speak many things which I regret later. I just want to say sorry for all the impulsive words and for spilling over my frustrations to you.

“I love you Mama, Thank you for the miracle of life!”

Submitted by :Laitonjam Valentina, PhD Scholar (Human Development) at Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India.


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