010 FindingTheVoices Part 1 Armstrong Pame IAS officer from Tamenglong sharing the journey in making the 100 KM Road in Manipur without any help or funding from the Government

Today I am with Armstrong Pame from Tousem sub-division, tamenglong district in Manipur, India. He is an IAS (Indian Administrative Service) officer serving as Sub-divisional Officer. He also was an assistant commissioner In the Indian Revenue Service. And most recently he has initiated a very inspiring initiative of making a 100 km road in Manipur with no funding or help coming from the government, a story which have touched people’s heart all over the world …

This year, with the outbreak of diseases like typhoid and malaria, It took two days for anyone in the village to make it to the nearest hospital on foot in the absence of a motorable road. Hundreds of patients were carried on bamboo stretchers, and very few made it to the town alive.  And town doctors were unwilling to come to the village because of its inaccessible terrain. Frustrated with the situation with no response from the government, Armstrong Pame turned to his family and well wishers and initiated the project of making the 100 km Tamenglong – Haflong Road Construction in August this year and targeted to be completed by Christmas this year.

Please contribute and help in making the wish of Armstrong Pame in giving the gift of the Road this christmas for all the villagers and childrens. Please refer to the facebook group for more details or contact 91 9953029135. 

I am proud to present the voice of Armstrong Pame, the voice requested by many listeners of FindingTheVoices, the VOICE we want to hear and should be heard. The podcast is divided into 2 parts. This episode, Part 1 focuses on his introduction and journey from Tamenlong to becoming an IAS officer.

This episode is dedicated to all the student listeners of FindingTheVoices. Read at this article Armstrong had written at sharing his journey becoming an IAS Officer from Tamenglong.

Please watch out for upcoming Part 2 where he talks in details about the  making of the 100 km Tamenglong – Haflong Road Construction

Thanks to Manas Maisnam, famous modern cartoonist from Manipur who have contributed Armstrong Pame’s cartoon in support and appreciation for his work. It is an honour that Tamo Manas Maisnam have drawn this cartoon for FindingTheVoices for the release of this episode of Armstrong Pame’s podcast.

Thanks to Hanubi Hanuba for the music (Lai Haraoba with Dotara) used in this podcast.


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  1. Anonymous

    good one
    We need more Armstrong and I could not understand why Govt. did not extend help.

  2. Avi

    Very inspiring. I never get tired of listening to his story. God bless him. And may he continue to inspire many more. Thanks ‘finding the voices’ for this wonderful interview. Keep it coming.

  3. Lalrobul Fimate

    It may or may not be a small step for a man..but it defenitely is beyond doubt a giant leap for the Zeliangrong community. God bless Sir Armstrong Pame and may this just be the beginning of a new beginning.

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  6. david hawaibam

    Heard a lot about finding the voices today i got the chance to listen and that too of one of the most inspiring personality of our present time.And yes Monica you have a great voice!!!!

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