Episode 001 FindingTheVoices : Interview with Manas Maisnam cartoonist from Manipur

Episode 001 FindingTheVoices : Interview with Manas Maisnam Cartoonist From Manipur

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Presenting you with the very 1st Episode of Podcast from FindingTheVoices with a very special Guest Speaker Manas Maisnam, famous modern cartoonist from Manipur.

His work showing social issues in Manipur in a very humourous way have always brought smiles to many. Some of my favourite are the cartoons showing the issues (People having to wait in the long queue to get Petrol, non functional ATM, Fridge used as wardrobe ) faced by people in Manipur.

His support for talents from Manipur,North East and other parts of India can been seen from his work. Most recently his series of work showing support for North east Olympians representing India at London Olympics 2012 was very very popular and appreciated by many.


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  1. I seriously loved this new innovative idea you have come up to let the Voices of Manipur reach everyone around the world,and really appreciate it. I had been a one crazy fan of your food-site,being a foodie. I dunno if you remember me from Orkut,cos I always end up leaving a message for you,Che Monica! I remember you were expecting a kid then,and I hope he’s rocking like his Mom now! Best wishes for this site to move ahead,Eche!
    Mamo Manas I loved your interview. Proud to be ur Bhanja!
    With Love!

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