S05E04 “1001 Thagatchari”, Gratitude project for Manipur. #6IndianWomenHockeyTeam #2002MancesterCommonweathGames #995ToGo

1001 Thagatchari“, Gratitude project for Manipur

Guest Speaker:

#6 Shanti Thokchom, Nursing assistant, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Today, I had the fourth session of “1001 Thagatchari” project with Shanti Thokchom who is a Nursing assistant for the elderly at Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA. She says she is an ordinary but hard working woman. Her love for traveling and exploring the world is inspiring. She nominated her mother at the personal level to show her gratitude for the strength and learnings to be a strong woman. Her mother is a “Kuki” married to a “Meitei” and had faced lot of segregations during her time with the “Amang-Aseng” (Impure-Pure) culture amongst the Meitei for being a tribal. She nominated the Women’s Indian Hockey Team who won gold at the Mancester 2002 Commonwealth Games led by Suraj Lata Devi from Manipur. Such an awesome nomination to show our gratitude to talented women hockey players (Suraj Lata Devi, Tingonleima Chanu, Sanggai Ibemhal Chanu Maimom, Pakpi Thongam) bringing name for Manipur. At the global level, she nominated Pope Francis for his humility and less formal approach.   

I am really loving the high energy “1001 Thagatchari” series is bringing on and am looking forward for the next one.  I invite you to watch the amazing expressions in the video podcast.         

#1001Thagatchari #Manipur #6IndianWomenHockeyTeam #2002MancesterCommonweathGames #995ToGo

About “1001Thagatchari” Gratitude project for Manipur 

One of the takeaway I had interviewing many of the awesome talented voices of Manipur for the last 5 years was the lack of recognition and appreciation for their work and contribution. In the midst of conflicts, unrest and media’s focus for sensational stories, we have forgotten to say “Thank you” “Thagatchari”.

To change that I have challenged myself to find people who truly have appreciation and gratitude in their heart and the idea of “1001 Thagatchari” was seeded.

As a result of 1001 gratitude project, the much needed recognition and appreciation for the people will be elevated and we will re-learn to express our gratitude adding “Thagatchari” “Thank you” in our top list of vocabulary. I believe that this exercise of expressing gratitude as part of this project will enrich, expand and empower all of us and also contribute in building the strength of our community.

In the midst of conflicts, unrest and media’s focus for sensational stories, we have forgotten to express recognition and appreciation. To change that, I am looking for 1001 people to be a part of the movement to pause and express gratitude for the people of Manipur? Do you know anyone? Are you one of the 1001 people?

Contact us to be a part of this project and be a part of change. I welcome you to join us live and participate with your comments/questions as we are co creating our show Facebook FindingTheVoices Community Group.