HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY (Late) Laishram Manglembi Devi

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My mother was working as Farm Assistant @Lamphel-Manipur Fisheries Dept.

It’s really sad that I never remember mothers day or thank my mom for everything c did for us.but now c s gone to heaven,I realised c s my one and only reason that what I am today and I ll regret forever not to be with her and help her wen c need us the most. below s d few lines for her on Mother’s Day ” Ema,you are the pillars of our life,your strength will inspire us for generation,you are our angel,you never give up on us..It’s impossible not to remember you everyday even though you are not with us.Ema stay happily in heaven.Happy Mothers day palem Ema,we love you forever. “

Submitted by : Christopher Watham, Banker, Madhya Pradesh, India