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Shamanic Healing

A book review by Monica Ingudam

Book Title:Shamanic Healing

Author: Itzhak Beery

Publication: Destiny Books 2017, 240 pages.

Shamans and Shamanism has always caught my interest from childhood seeing many of the rituals, speaking in tongues, different musical instruments for different rituals, offerings in Manipur (India). It’s interesting to see more and more people in the western world learning, practicing and talking about this. You will find many participating in the drum and sunrise ritual in a park right in New York City. I picked up Itzhak Beery’s book Shamanic Healing and flipped the pages with fascination as he shared about the rituals, smokes, candles, herbs, stories of his healing sessions.

I started looking up on Itzhak Beery as I was midway in the book. I learned that he is from Israel, currently based in New York. He started being a skeptic and yet being very drawn to Shamans and Shamanism. He was initiated by his Quechua teacher in Ecuador and into the healing tradition of his Amazonian Kanamari paje teacher and has been practicing for 2o years now. On a personal note, it’s really sad to learn that he had removed his cancer via a surgery in Nov 2010 but it came back again after 6 years. He shared the emphasis in integrating traditional medicine for cure and shamanism for healing.

I watched videos of his demonstration of a guided drumming shamanic journey using power animal spirit to connect to the different level of energy to the universe. His spiritual work focuses on connecting to nature and helping others of finding life purpose and understand life’s lessons healing them in the process. It’s interesting to read about the transformation and different experiences after the different shamanic journey and techniques.

I see that he also wrote two books The Gift of Shamanism and Shamanic Transformations other than the book Shamanic Healing which I read. I plan to read the others too. You can find them in Amazon.



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