Interview of Monica Ingudam by All India Radio, Imphal, Manipur

Map on Oct 30, 2016

Location of the family of FindingTheVoices

Thanks to all our listeners and viewers all over the world. Today’s map covering statistics showing locations of our listeners. A big hands for our top 5 viewers in India, USA, Canada, Singapore,Kuwait and Bahrain. It’s exciting to see the statistics and hits coming in from different countries, countries I have never been to.  Thanks for your support and message.

I want to share the interview covered by All India Radio, Imphal, Manipur featuring FindingTheVoices during my visit in Manipur way back in 2014. It was a great honor to be interviewed by Eche Bijaya Yumlembam, and be a part of radio network, a medium I listened growing up and even now.  In this interview I shared about my initiative of FindingTheVoices and a little bit of myself and life in USA.

About FindingTheVoices:Monica Ingudam, Founder of FindingTheVoices

Born and raised in the violence-torn landscape of Manipur, I have a vision to promote and spread inspiring, empowering, educative & entertaining stories. I believe that we can create contents bringing the positive side of Manipur. I believe we can do this together by finding the voices, voices which needs to be heard and shared, voices of our own people, people of Manipur and well-wishers of Manipur. I believe that these voices will bring a change and connect all of us.

I welcome you to join me in my journey to finding the voices at Http://

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to Late Thokchom Gobind Singh, Remembering Papa from Roshni Thokchom

Father’s Name: Late Thokchom Gobind Singh, Sr Announcer, All India Radio, Imphal

Thank you Papa for being such a beautiful father till your last breath inspiring all of us with your actions and deeds you have attain personally and professionally. I have never came across such a wonderful, humble, passionate, hard working person like you.
He worked on paddy field to get the rich rice grains for us, equally managed his profession. People loved for his incredible contribution to All India Radio, Imphal. Education was always his priority and he would take all hardships to give us the best. Gardening, Papa’s passion, brought him so many state awards and we still treasure some of his work.
We miss u on this day.
Your children and grandchildren.

Submitted by: Roshni Thokchom, Muscat.