WE had the honor to be invited by ISTV to be in the “ISTV Meet the star show” hosted during Manipur Sangai Festival 2013. We met team of ISTV and CubeTen, shared about FindingTheVoices and showed our appreciation for all the effort ISTV puts in uploading the news for the global audience.

It was a special event and it made it more special when we had a surprise meeting with the host of the show Mr. Bishwamitra, who is connected to FindingTheVoices through the podcast of our Special Guest Speaker Mr. Bhumenjoy Konsam. Mr. Bishwamitra is the voice behind Keibu Keioiba, the animated Manipuri movie directed Bhumenjoy Konsam. It’s always nice to see FindingTheVoices connecting us together.


V003 FindingTheVoices featured in “ISTV Meet the star show” at Manipur Sangai Festival 2013

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