Episode 017 FindingTheVoices : Part 1 Vik Sorensangbam 3D Character Artist at Montreal, Canada

017 FindingTheVoices Part 1 Vik Sorensangbam 3D Character Artist at Montreal Canada

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I am proud to present the voice of Vik Sorensangbam 3D Character Artist Montreal, Canada.

This podcast episode is dedicated to all my student listeners, this is a great story of taking up the career option as a 3D Character Artist. How would it be to design 3D Characters for games, even better play games to test it out, watch movies and play more games to keep up with technologies & strategy. What an amazing career option !! How many of us come back from work and play games for fun and Vik does it for work and he gets PAID 🙂 How cool is that ? And it is a lovely story of romance finally settled with his Girl friend and blessed with a beautiful daughter.

This episode focuses in the beginning & struggles of Vic in shaping up his career covering many aspect of life from being a Body Builder, not knowing anything about Computer to becoming a 3D Character Artist in Montreal all the way from Manipur, struggles in getting loans for his education, experiencing lay off, running around for getting visa…..

It is important to remember the struggles and hardship a person goes through to achieve success. Also what you do and like as a child plays a very important role in shaping your career and moving towards what you like in future.

Please watch out for the next episode to continue listening to Vik’s journey and details of his career discussing about very interesting technologies like 3D printing etc. Part 2 will focus on details of his interesting career aspect …

Please check out his website at Vik3D.com and his Facebook page. Also check out VFS featuring his journey.