ENDURANCE A year in space, A lifetime of discovery by Scott Kelly #BookReview #FindingTheVoices #Amreading

Endurance A year in space, a lifetime of discovery

A book review by Monica Ingudam

Book Title: Endurance

Author: Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly is a former militay fighter pilot and test pilot, an engineer, a retired astronaut and a retired US Navy Captain. He lives in Houston, texas and he was a member of the yearlong mission to the International Space Station. I started following Scott Kelly in twitter while he was in space and totally fell in love with the beautiful #EarthArt pictures he took from space. His pictures opened me to such beautiful creations of nature and I looked forward for his new post. Here are some of the pictures from his twitter feed




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I tweeted to him couple of times to take a picture of the beautiful hills and valley of Manipur, my birthplace. Well that never did happen but someday someone will take it from space. 


I saw Scott Kelly’s book Endurance and I had to read it. He write passionately about his mother and how she was such a good listener and I felt the influence of strength he got from her. His mom was the first police officer in west orange, NJ who taught him the value of goals, plan and hard-work. While he was in space, he was remembering her on her death anniversary and it was touching to see that his girlfriend put flowers on her grave and sent a picture to him. This action made me think on re emphasizing the importance to do things for love which heighten human connections. 

Did you know that his inspiration about becoming an astronaut came from reading a book as an 18 year old boy in a tiny stuffy room enthralled by swirling sentences describing long-dead pilots? Yet another point why reading books can really widen your life and why I really encourage you to read and read more. You can read all about his background, experience of his one year in space and thoughts in this beautiful book Endurance at Amazon. I really enjoyed reading it. 

Book reviews by Monica Ingudam

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