089 It’s all in the mind : Dating in Manipur

Dating in Manipur 

I see a young couple
With white painted bald heads
Balded by the mob
The young couple
Lowered their eyes
Walking in shame
Like war criminals
Followed by a mob
Loud clinking sounds of the lamp post
Calling for more people
People who knows the law in such matters
Taking the law in their own hands
Passing judgement
Putting the stamp of immorality
The media excels in such coverage and research
Printing all the names of the young couple’s family tree
That was the picture imprinted in my mind
When I thought of dating
While growing up in Manipur.

My mother made sure I read all the news
Lectured me hours
Every time such news was covered
Which was often
But I never understood what defined “The compromising position” the couple was found,
The compromising position the media referred,
Was it looking intently in each others eyes?
Was it smiling and laughing?
Was it holding hands?
Was it hugging?
Was it kissing?
Was it more?
Was there a guideline defined?
There were lots of questions
Questions which I never got answers
And I remained behind
The thick iron gate
The gate which my father had two big locks
The gate which I dare not step out
And I always saw
The white painted bald heads
With lowered eyes
Walking in shame
Like war criminals
Followed by a mob
When I thought of dating in Manipur.

* Maru kokthoklaga, shunu yaingung teiraga, khonggoinaraga keina katpa (Meitei-Lon words from my Mother’s lecture)

~The End~

An Experimental attempt to put thoughts in writing by Monica Ingudam.