FindingTheVoices with three young Manipuri Business Management traveling to Europe for the first time sharing their travel experiences, hope and learnings.
Guest Speakers : Ransonkumar Khundrakpam, Khundrakpam Naoba Meitei and Langam Lukram.
Language: Interview in English.
Location: Guest Speakers at Germany

Ranson, Naoba and Langam are three teenagers who have come out of India for the very first time as part of a global business study tour in Europe as part of study organized by the college IILM Undergraduate Business School.
One of their pictures which showed Ranson posing infront of the Eiffel Tower wearing the traditional Manipuri attire ‘Khudei’ became eye catching and viral. The three energetic youngsters talk about their experience travelling around Europe, spending the night near the Eiffel Tower, enjoying the beautiful sceneries and overcoming language barriers with Google Translate. They described the scenery as serene and beautiful, but still felt that the scenery of their home state Manipur was no less than what they were seeing in the moment. They experience new things which they will never forget in their lives and also learn a few valuable lessons during their travel in Europe.
Towards the end, they get a little emotional talking about their parents and expressing what they have in their heart and mind.
The three youngsters also mentions about one of our guests from Season 2, Mr. Rabi Moirangthem. We are very happy to learn that they were inspired to pursue Business Management after hearing the words and experience from our guest speaker.

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