Mom’s Name & profession: Chitra Salam, daughter of reknown – Salam Rajdhon Singh,  She worked in her earlier days,now she is more of housewife though she does business as well.

My mom is superb cool at same time she has her own traditions & Values, raising up 3 kids while being a working mom is like a lot. She has done a lot for all 3 of us, I really like the fact that she is a bit emotional person so she goes little far to help anyone in needs. In several occasion I never use to understand why she even bother, but guess when you do good, you feel good. It’s not about explaining to anyone, it’s all about making yourself bit different from the rest by giving that tiny contribution which is ignorable. Because of her such quality I am what I am today, I don’t stop myself from doing what I love to do. She made me realised the beauty of being selfless, that’s like joy within my heart. She has been a pillar to dad and all 3 of us, the house does’t run without this woman. While growing up, dad was busy with his scheduled she took extra effort to see what we where up to, while we where miles away from them. Now when I think of it, I am like OMG she does a lot of things which I can’t even imagine.

For all the kindest, I thank you my mom, mama – to the world she might not be known but to me she is my coolest mom. Yea yea we do fight a lot as well but that’s pretty normal between me and her. But I love the most when she come up to me and make up. Sometime she come across has one of those person who listen to my woes and not so good phase in life. No matter she tells me, Gia Papa and Me are their to catch u(that literally makes me in tears).

Well, to think of it I am proud of her that she handle all 3 of us quite well, we were very rebellious and unmanageable kids. I do know in course of time, I have hurt you but same time I realised there is always a story of you and me that can never end for that unconditional and divine love we have. So I just wanna express my freedom thought for you – I love you no matter said and done.


Gia xxxx

Submitted by :Gia Haobam, A fashion blogger based out in Bengaluru, India .


2 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY Chitra Salam

  1. Gia!! Loved the feelings you have put through the words. This was good. And as always I cant stop talking about the Finding The Voices and Che Monica’s initiative. Che you’re wonderful. This-what you started and the chances you gave us all is really awesome. Keep going! All the Best Wishes!

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